A paperback accessory for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

First Printing 1997

ISBN 0-7869-0643-X



from the back cover:

Evil Denizens of the Depths: The Sahuagin

The sahuagin are known by many names. Some call them the Devil Men of the Deep; to others, they are simply The Sea Devils. This deadly race of aquatic beings has remained a mystery to surfacedwellers - until know. This fully illustrated 96-page accessory details the highly organized structure of ahuagin society, offers insights into the workings of the predatory sahuagin mind, and examines the worship of Sekolah, the dark sahuagin deity. The Sea Devils also includes a full description of a typical sahuagin village easily usable in any campaign setting, new spells that are granted to sahuagin priestesses, and a color poster detailing the sahuagin in all their variety.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - The Sea Devils

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