Keep your favorite dice secured in a handcrafted dice vault made from solid walnut hardwood. The sides of the dice vault compartments are secured with magnets and the sides can be secured in either direction when sealed.



The product you receive will not be identical to the image displayed. The wood hue and grain may change due to varying factors of how the species of hardwood has been processed. We hand select the lumber before we start our manufacturing process to ensure consistancy in attempt to avoid inconsistancies.


How many dice can the dice vault contain?

- 2 sets of 7 piece Chessex dice

- 12 piece set of Kraken dice (13 piece if you include the new 18mm D20).


What is the largest size of die can it contain?

22mm is the largest size in can contain comfortably.


How long will it take to make and receive my order?

We ask to allow us 10-15 business days to craft and ship the products to you. This allows us to select the proper materials and take time to assure quality control.

Dice Vault - Dark Walnut

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