**Music starts playing "On the Wings of a Daemon" by Sah'rah McLaughopan**


Thank you for considering adoption for the less fortunate dice vaults, The Dark Young. Through the madness and blood shed of their creation, they were not up to the standards of The Black Goat of the Woods. Left in darkness to wither in despare, Strange Aeon Games is giving them a second chance for The Dark Young to be appreciated, despite their imperfections. You can bring home one of these poor, lost, amalgamated souls to serve you in the chaos you bring forth in your tabletop games.


So for one low payment you can give a home to one of these unfortunate dice vaults. Bring them home and give them a purpose once again.



We do aim for quality craftsmanship on all of our products, but things do happen during the process that cannot be fixed or can be very questionable in the long run. These dice vaults are not perfect! They just have character. Instead of scrapping the dice vaults, we would rather give them a purpose and a home. The dice vaults that are shipped out are random in selection in the material used (Both sides will be the same species of hardwood).


Possible imperfections as follows

 - Edges may contain knots

 - Odd alignment

 - Aggressive tearout against the grain of the wood


How many dice can the dice vault contain?

- 2 sets of 7 piece chessex dice

- 12 piece set of Kraken dice (13 piece if you include the new 18mm D20).


What is the largest size of die can it contain?

22mm is the largest size in can contain comfortably.


How long will it take to make and receive my order?

These have already been crafted so they ship right away! So please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.

The Dark Young - Imperfect Dice Vault Adoption

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