Cthulhu: Age of Madness

Card Game

The Cosmic Veil has been pierced. The Elder Gods awaken from their ancient slumber in anticipation of a return to our realm. Cultists around the globe are mobilizing, preparing the Seals to open the Gates, hearkening the Elder Gods return. Their goal, to usher in the Age of Madness! Will you heed the Master’s Call?  

Cthulhu: Age of Madness (C:AoM) is a competitive card game for 2-4 players, rooted in the lore of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. 

In C:AoM, you don't play an Investigator, Reporter, or Student. You assume the role of an Elder God's cult, attempting to open the Gates, allowing your Elder God through, and ushering in the Age of Madness. 



Players will only need the base game in order to play 2-4 players. The base game includes (4) Elder God cards, (40) Cultist cards, (16) Convert Cultist cards, (8) Master's Call cards, (8) Grimoire cards, (4) Artefact of Old card, (4) Steal Elder Sign, (4) Elder Sign, (4) Grim Banner, (4) Cannibalistic Endeavor, (4) Barrier Spell card, (4) Eldritch Power cards, and (16) Wax Seal Markers.

(Adding more Eldritch Power cards from the Kickstarter and Promotional cards to the base game introduces more challenges and strategies for players to use through the game.) 


Open your Elder God's Gate by unlocking its four (4) Seals, allowing your Elder God to cross over to our dimension. Seals are unlocked with an Elder Sign, or with a Ritual Circle of four (4) Cultists of your Elder God.


Each Player chooses an Elder God and places its Card on the table in front of them. The Deck is then well shuffled, and five (5) cards are dealt to each Player. The player to the left of the dealer goes first.

On a turn, the Player performs two (2) Actions, and then draws up to their Hand Size. Unless modified by cards in play, Hand Size is five (5) cards. If the number of Cards in a Player’s Hand at the end of their turn is more than their Hand Size, they retain the cards, but do not draw any additional Cards.

Play continues clockwise, and ends when a Player has unlocked their fourth Seal, opening the Gate, and allowing their Elder God to usher in the Age of Madness.


Unlocking a Seal can be completed multiple ways. Playing, or Stealing, an Elder Sign unlocks a Seal. Completing a Ritual Circle of four (4) Cultists of your Elder God unlocks a Seal. When a Seal is unlocked, that Elder God’s Cosmic Primal Power is activated, and its powers take effect immediately.


Ritual Circles are the most common way to unlock a Seal in Cthulhu: Age of Madness. Ritual Circles are completed when a Player has a group of four (4) Cultists of their Elder God in their Pool. All the Cards in the Ritual Circle are then moved to the Elder God’s Card, unlocking a Seal. This does not count as an Action.


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