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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Intoxication Rules (Drunkenness)

Never Interrupt a Dragon Drinking Party

While creating an Amusement Park for my current campaign, I decided I wanted to add a Beer Garden. With a Beer Garden comes intoxication and drunkenness, but I had no idea how to handle it. With a few minutes of Google-Fu, I discovered several variants out there, none of which portrayed what I felt was an accurate representation of "getting drunk." This left me with one solution... write my own.

These rules are entirely optional, not official in any way. They are also very much a work-in-progress, and have not been playtested at all (yet). Any input or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

D&D 5e Intoxication Rules

Number of Drinks and Effects

1 through 1+CON Modifier = CHA +1, STR +1

2+CON Modifier = CHA -1, DEX -1, WIS -1, STR +1, + CON Save DC 10

3+CON Modifier = CHA -1, DEX -1, WIS -1, STR +1, +1d6 temp HP, CON Save DC 11

4+CON Modifier = CHA -1, DEX -1, WIS -1, CON Save DC 12

5+CON Modifier = CHA -1, DEX -1, WIS -1, CON Save DC 13

A failed CON save results in a PC vomiting, and attaining the exhausted condition. If they continue drinking, they attain the unconscious condition.

Example: If your Constitution is 14, your CON Modifier is +2. Therefore, 1-3 drinks is the first level of drunkeness, 4 drinks would be the second level of drunkeness, etc.


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