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Everything You Need To Know About Dice & More!

20 Face of Fate is a website treasure trove of knowledge about everything dice.

The Author of 20 Faces of Fate is also a Co-Founder of Strange Aeon Games. If you would like to know more about dice, way more, you should definitely head here to explore the mysteries within.

About 20 Faces of Fate

We at 20 Faces of Fate are passionate about Polyhedral Dice. We love the shapes; we love the colors; we love the potentialities. We love the feel of a d20 rolling around in our hand, savoring the unbridled anticipation of the climatic release in a dramatic moment of ascertaining which of the faces will determine your Fate this time.

Such is the inspiration for our name. In many, if not most, RolePlaying Games and Wargames, the 20 Sided Die is of utmost importance. It is the die that decides all of your most important outcomes. The ultimate determination of Fate, broken down into 20 sides, or faces, 20 Faces of Fate.

We cover many concerns of Polyhedral Dice Enthusiasts, including dice reviews, dice humor, dice art, and articles on the dice community, philosophies, and psychologies behind Polyhedral Dice Use.

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